No Justice, No Peace


Injustice has reared its ugly head

And once again another Black man dead.

Our only question is, how long?

Must black lives be lost when we’ve done no wrong.

And if I’m wrong let me plead my case

Instead of dying in the street because of my race.

Our forefathers fought so that we would no longer be the latter

And contrary to your beliefs, Black lives do matter.

If we walk down the street with a hoodie on

Are we considered a threat to your daughters and sons?

If we go for a jog in the middle of the day

Did we just break into your home and we were trying to get away?

If we go in the store with counterfeit money or try to forge a check

Do we deserve to die with your knee to our neck?

We are tired of our black men being portrayed as thugs

And innocent lives being swept under the rug.

When your sons leave the house, you kiss them goodbye

But when our sons leave, we don’t know if they will live or die.

You took an oath to serve and protect

But you kill our black men on mere circumspect.

While we are busy protesting for our civil rights

You are taking our lives like a thief in the night.

You traded in your white sheets for a police uniform

While we bury Black men like it’s the new norm.

How long will this Injustice soar high?

While we sit idle and watch our Black men die.

If you know the answer to the question at hand

Please enlighten every Black man.

So that when they leave their home on any given day

We don’t have to worry if they will return the same way.

Our hearts are broken, and we can’t see our way clear

So, we pray Dear Lord please hold us near.

For so many years this has been our downfall

But we are reassured that you promised Justice for us all.

Today we pray for the families of Floyd, Arbery, Trayvon, and so many more

Whose hearts have been ripped to the core.

I don’t know them, but then again, I do

For I have a husband, son, brother, and nephew who look just like you.

“I can’t breathe”, is our cry for help

A pain your families have never felt.

These senseless killings and crimes of hate

Must end or you will force us to retaliate.

Maybe if your son was killed for doing no wrong

You might feel an inkling of the pain we have endured for so long.

You kill us, and you carry on with life as if we were never there

And I quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

It makes us wonder did our ancestors live and die in vain

When all we see is another black man slain.

“Keep your head up” is starting to sound a little cliché

But don’t fall victim Black man to their cowardly display.

For what they meant for evil, God will turn it around for our good

And what can’t be explained, will be understood.

Why do we have to keep re-visiting this place?

While you utter their name in shameful disgrace.

Dead men that can’t speak to defend what you mention

And videos that record a modern-day lynching.

We have traveled back in time to what we thought we overcame

All this innocent blood shed with no one to blame.

The day has come to put an end to this disaster

And convince all who will listen, that Black Lives do Matter!

Written By:

A Black Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Cousin, and Friend to a Black Man

Sheri Lynn Charles- Julks

Sheri is married to David E. Julks Sr., the mother of 2, Jarvis Charles and Shannon Veal-Moon and the stepmom to David Julks Jr. and Jerrick Julks. She is a grandmother of 3 beautiful girls, plus 5 beautiful bonus grandkids. She is blessed to have loving and supportive parents who have been married for over 60 years and raised 9 children. She is the 7th child born to this union and one sister recently passed away from Breast Cancer. Sheri is a native Houstonian and attended public schools in Houston, Texas. After high school, she attended Texas Southern University for 2 years before beginning a career in the banking industry.

Sheri has always loved creative writing and expressing her feelings through poetry. Through the years, her work has been shared mainly with family and friends until recently; and she is so honored to have this poem featured in your magazine.

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