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Welcome to this special edition of Gary Jonathan – Digital Magazine.

First, it is my hope that you and yours are doing well and remaining safe during this unprecedented time in American history.

This edition is focused on the current state of the union, race relations, social inequality, systemic racism, and the health crisis that we are still battling here in the United States. Who would have thought at the beginning of this year that we would be where we are today? In this country when turmoil arises, there is usually some level of leadership and control that pushes us toward a solution and a level of peace, quickly rather than not at all. It now appears to be just the opposite. Things are not getting better. They have taken a turn for the worse.

Yes, we go about our daily lives and operate to some degree of normalcy, but the underlying feel of the present day, screams unrest, and uncertainty about tomorrow and what it will hold. There are still millions of Americans who are unemployed.

Social media is now showing the ugly truth of social divide, erratic behaviors, hate speech and blatant differences of opinions. There are those arguing over what makes sense. Should we wear a mask? Should we not wear a mask? Is this COVID-19 “stuff” a hoax? Amid all these questions, and debates, we still have an alarming amount of deaths happening daily; so, what is the real issue?

At the time of this narrative, there have been an unprecedented 141,000 deaths in the United States, with 598,000 deaths globally. The cases of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 total over 3.68 million.

On May 25, 2020, there was the murder of George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis. All of this was captured on video for the entire world to see and absorb the truth of what still exists here in America.

This unfortunate and very unnecessary event sparked an uproar of mixed emotions. The entire world had to pause and face a harsh reality that had been masked by some and silenced by others. There were marches and riots all over the world.  It was amazing to see how the death of one man could bring the entire world together, when we have a leader of the free world who cannot even bring a state together. It is more like the divided states of America, vs. the United States of America.

Social injustice, systemic racism, and inequalities were brought to the forefront of society. Did they ever leave?

The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) resurfaced to a heightened degree of consciousness. Not only are there African American / Black people in support of the movement, but there are those of other ethnicities and races supporting the movement as well.

The ongoing lack of leadership in this country is sad, scary, and quite honestly laughable.

2020 has been quite the year, and it is not over. If you think that “normal” will someday return, you are sadly mistaken. We are far beyond a point of return to normalcy. If you are even planning on a return to “what was”, plan for something else. If you have not noticed, things are looking a lot differently. In a matter of months, things have drastically changed. There is no way that you can rationalize all of this as something that is just happening.

There have been predictions of a new world order, predictions about the upcoming months, particularly September, October, and November and how these months will be extremely challenging, filled with more upheaval, riots, more deaths, lack of food, coin shortage and more mandated at-home stays.

Let us not forget about the upcoming presidential election. We must all do our part and vote.  If we want change, we must do something to enact it. It is more than the election; we must take personal accountability with and for our own lives as well.

There is no way that you can turn a blind eye to the events of this present day, and not think about how these things have, and will affect you. There is a purpose and a clear reason for where we are. I am not in any means casting doom and gloom or even a negative outlook, but I am saying what I am seeing and what I sense.

I do believe in a Higher power and in prayer and I do believe that God is still in control. I have lived long enough to stand by that with confidence.

I pray for your continued safety, your well-being, your mental health, and your ability to think differently about your life moving forward. Peace be with you….

Editor in Chief / Creative Director

Race Relations: The Struggle for Equality in America

By Barbara Diggs

How could a country founded on the honorable ideals of freedom and equality have so willingly embraced the evils of enslavement and oppression?

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