Christopher Taylor


I believe that not only is the future bright, but it’s diverse.

Artistic, brilliant, intelligent, socially conscious and talented, are all words that describe Illustrator, Christopher Taylor.

Christopher is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He lived there for most of his life. His creative journey started at a very early age.   He remembers vividly how his aunt would babysit him and how she introduced him to comic books.  This was the catalyst to his now and obvious life purpose.  His aunt, a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, was also involved in the arts.  Christopher says, “My aunt was always involved in the arts. We were considered the black sheep of the family due to our affinity to the arts.”  After his aunt bought him his first comic book, history started unfolding for him.

Christopher can’t recall his first piece of art, but does remember a life changing moment while he attended Paul VI High School in Haddonfield, New Jersey.  He says, “While in high school, I entered a poster art contest.  I don’t remember the theme, but I do remember that I won first prize.  It was a Calico home computer.   At that moment, I knew that my work was good enough to be recognized.  That was the turning point for me.”

Christopher’s inspiration and passion for art and illustration come from a variety of areas.  He says, “I draw my inspiration from a lot of things.   I draw inspiration from pop culture, music, movies and the news.   My work sometimes focuses on social consciousness and social justice.  In terms of visuals, social media is an inspiration for sure.  There is no end to the inspiration that you can find online, whether it be ArtStation, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram.”

Overtime, Christopher has seen his work evolve from illustrations to contemporary art.  He defines his work as a creative by saying, “The easiest answer is evolving in evolution.  At one point in my life I was focused on comic books.  Then I transitioned into a more contemporary illustrator.  Now I am settling, and I am right in the middle of traditional illustration and contemporary art.  I am using my illustration techniques to expound and critique contemporary art.”

Christopher considers himself both a futurist and a spiritualist. He explains, “In terms of me being a futurist, and talking about diversity as a person of color, it is painful at times for me to look back at the past. There are so many rich and inspiring stories that come from the past, but they come with pain and hardship.   There have been some hard experiences for people of color.  When I look at the present day, we have people of color, not just Black people, but Hispanics, and Puerto Ricans who are excelling at what they do well. For me personally, the future is where I feel most comfortable.  To add, I can shape the future by what I create.  In terms of the future being diverse, my inspiration comes from two intellectual properties, Star Trek and the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Both intellectual properties have multicultural societies.  It does not matter with race, age, sex or national origin.   This is what I see the future looking like.”

Christopher’s journey has afforded him some great opportunities to showcase his work. All of which have encompassed proud moments. When asked what his proudest moment has been as a creative, he says, “It is how I am painting now. I could not be happier with how I am painting now.  Sometimes, I am hard on myself.  I can look back at work that I did six months ago and see every mistake.  But looking at my work now, and the level at which I paint or even the subject matter, make that my proudest moment.  I’ve made a concerted effort to do something new, and better.”

When asked what he would say to up and coming artist, he says, “I would say to young artists that it is important to know your self-worth.   When you are young you are hoping anyone will look at your work and pay you. But it is important to recognize once you are at a certain level, you should never sell your work for anything less than what it is worth.” 

Christopher Taylor has a bright and successful life ahead. His empowered purpose and drive will take him far.

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