APRIL 2020

Airbnb: Booked and Beautiful


As Atlanta’s appeal as a destination for sports and entertainment industries skyrocket, an influx of visitors, transplants, and temporary residents are in search of a place to call home, even if only for the night.While renting your home for extra cash and crashing at a friend’s or mom and dad’s is no new concept, it’s more lucrative than ever, to the extent that investors are purchasing rental properties to get in on the Airbnb action. Good design is instrumental in making sure a listing stays booked – because it’s beautiful! Such is the case with properties designed by Interior Designer and Owner of R Jones Designs, Ron Jones, alongside Real Estate Agent and Investor, Tamara Robertson.

Ron’s no stranger to helping clients prepare their homes or rental properties for Airbnb debut.An Airbnb review describes the Westside Atlanta “Terrace Retreat” rental that Ron designed for his clients as “picture perfect.”

“Can’t see myself visiting Atlanta without first making a reservation,” wrote another reviewer of the $99/night property, whose owners live in the main house while visitors use a private entrance to the guesthouse. A recent Mercedes Benz Stadium-adjacent investment property Ron designed for Tamara Robertson is no exception to the rule that design matters in the Airbnb business.

The downtown Atlanta three-bedroom, two and a half bath home typically rents for $130 per night.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a rental property, or you’re considering renting your home, guesthouse or a room in your home, here are five tips to win at being an Airbnb host.

When it comes to preparing a home to receive guests on a regular basis, aim for form and function.

“Make sure to use durable furniture; nothing too expensive but something nice. Color-rich versus a lighter color palette wears better over time with repeated guest use,” says Ron; like this navy armchair from Wayfair.

Seating and sleeping options are key in making guests feel welcome and want to extend their stay.

“Be sure to have plenty of seating for guests to interact and make themselves comfortable,” says Ron.

This includes indoor and outdoor seating, like this Rattan sectional sofa from Wayfair that comfortably seats six. It’s situated on the property’s rooftop-with-a-view.

“Allow for maximum sleeping places,” says Ron of the living room’s tufted, jewel-toned sleeper sofa and upholstered twin beds in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

If decluttering was one of your New Year’s resolutions, following through may pay in dividends as your Airbnb becomes booked back to back.

“Always create a clean and organized space for Airbnb’s. You never want guests to feel crowded or like the place is cluttered,” says Ron.

In this home, clutter-free design emphasizes the cleanliness of the property, while clear barstools from Wayfair, and clear sightlines both indoors, and out – stretching to Mercedes Benz Stadium and beyond – are sure to keep guests coming back.

Airbnb offers a cleaning fee option. Hosts can add this to the price of the rental for costs associated with getting their listing ready before guests check in, and after guests check out.What other housekeeping items should hosts consider?

“In the case of the host renting a basement or other room in their home, consider installing special locks for areas where access is not granted to guests, for example, the master bedroom or home office. Remove valuables or personal belongings if you like. However, not every room needs to be made accessible. There is insurance available for missing items, above and beyond the security deposit”, says Ron.

Some listings offered breakfast as a nice touch for booking the property.

What comforts, in addition to good food and good design, help guests feel welcome?

Ron says, “Create a ‘Guest Guide’ for a comfortable stay, outlining local restaurants and attractions, any parking, home entry, WIFI password or other instructions that will make coming and going a breeze for the guest.”


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Tammy Robertson – Real Estate Agent and Investor


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