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“We must start with the things that we don’t want in order to figure out the things that we do want.”

An old acquaintance made new. It was refreshing to see Davina Law again. Sometime ago, Davina planned my first book signing event in the Castleberry Hill area. Her countenance and presence have changed and from our conversation, it was evident that what I sensed, without her saying a word, was a reality. I call this the evolution of Davina. Where there is true freedom, there is liberty. This is our conversation.

GJ: Who is Davina Law? What is her DNA?

DL: I refer to myself as a survivor; a reformed church girl; a sister; a mother; a parent. I love people and I love God. Not in a religious sense but in a sense of relationship. I am spiritual. I am my brother and sister’s keeper. I want to help people live better.

GJ: Tell me about Set the Atmosphere. What is the driving concept?

DL: Set the Atmosphere started out as event planning. When I started, I was heavy into the church. I was only thinking about the Christian, kingdom idea of helping churches with event planning. As I grew spiritually, I knew that it was bigger than just me. I knew what God was doing in me; it was not just for Christians. It was for everybody. It went beyond event planning. I began to see other gifts that I had. Encouragement, helping and the ability to connect with people in a unique way. That is the premise and concept of Set the Atmosphere.

GJ: I want to really focus on your now and your evolution. What has been your evolution?

DL: My evolution is realizing who I am and what I must give. Through the brokenness and hardship, came my ability to take all the layers off. That included the brokenness, poverty mentality and victim mentality. Out of that I was able to rise and help somebody else and tell them that they can set the atmosphere for their life.

GJ: Now that you are on the radio with a show, describe your first day. What was the feel of your first broadcast?

DL: I was so giddy. I was nervous too. I could not believe that I was there. People are listening to my voice. It was ironic. Being a church girl and a person that could sing, my mother was literally pushing me to sing. I would be scared to death. I remember, many times, that I would start a song and panic and walk away. My dad would have to finish the song. For me to come through all that I have been through and to know that I still have a voice and I have something to say. It is amazing to me.

GJ: I had the opportunity to listen to one of your broadcasts. This specific show centered on peace. Tell me about your transition into a place of peace.

DL: To give you some background, I grew up in the church. My father was a pastor and we had church every Sunday. My mother was a community activist. Growing up, I remember being on the road seven days a week. Always running here and there. I had a mother who was the “angry black woman”, so there was a lot of turmoil in my life. There was a lot of drama, with all the dynamics of having a blended family, church life and a hectic life. Coming out of that and wanting to be married, and not really knowing how to do that. When I left my life and then encountering a divorce, I knew that I could not live that way anymore. It had worn me out. I wanted to calm my brain and my heart. I had a lot of anxiety to the point of no rest and no sleep. Peace was necessary for me to move forward in life. There was no other way but peace. Peace is priceless.

GJ: Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

DL: I can’t say that it has been a person. I would say that it has been my experience. When I see my son, I know that I do not want him to have the life that I had growing up. I want something different for him. My life spoke to me and said let’s do better than what happened before. Let’s break generational curses. I want my son to have a peaceful and relaxed home. My son is a lot of my inspiration. Everything started with him.

GJ: How does an individual create a life that they want?

DL: First you must be clear about what you want. We often see material things, but we are looking for something greater. An individual must understand who they are and then start redesigning their life. A lot of times we must start with the things that we don’t want in order to figure out the things that we do want.

GJ: What has been your biggest challenge in life?

DL: Me. Knowing me, accepting me, and knowing that I have something to offer. Listening to myself, instead of the other outside voices that have been in my ear. I was not empowered to know myself. That has been the biggest challenge.

GJ: What would you recommend to someone who is struggling with life’s challenges?

DL: I would recommend for the person to slow down and stop. In stopping, you get to hear your own voice. You get to hear God. You get to settle and center yourself. Our power is within us. We often think that it is outside, but it really is within. We just need to stop for a moment. That is the power of meditation and quiet time. Stopping allows us to get new ideas and hear for direction. It is unnatural for most to stop and slow down.

GJ: There are a lot of people that are existing and not living. How do you break the cycle or habit of moving from a state of existence to a state of being and living?

DL: Consciousness. We in society are always in a rat race. It goes back to stopping and slowing down and asking yourself some important questions. “Why am I doing this?” “Why am I here?” “Why is this happening?’ We are a society tied to tradition and pattern. In that, we stay in a form of existing and not living. Consciousness will help you see why and address the motive. When you finally wake up, you will realize that things need to change, and that includes me.

GJ: How did you overcome that?

DL: Time and practice. Getting to the root cause of the issue. It started with me.

GJ: If you could change one thing in society today, what would you change?

DL: Greed. Greed runs our society.

GJ: Where can we find your radio broadcasts?

DL: WIGO AM 1570. It is a small radio station on the southside of Atlanta. I can also be heard on the internet. You can go to my website at www.settheatmosphere.com, go to the radio link and listen there. You can also hear me on the tune in app on the radio there. We are worldwide.

GJ: What are some words of encouragement, you can give, to someone who needs it?

DL: My mantra is God loves me, God is for me, and God is with me. If you can use this mantra daily, it will help you tremendously.

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